solo hiking

Solo hiking: why give it a try

I moved to Vancouver, BC almost 8 years ago and solo hiking was never something on my radar until last year. Living here, I have incredible nature close by and access to the…

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Why I thought meditation wasn’t for me

For the longest time I thought meditation wasn’t for me. I’m someone with an active brain (think squirrel-like) who often has a hard time to slow that brain down. Initially…

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Arachnophobia and hypnotherapy

Arachnophobia and hypnotherapy: I tried it.

My arachnophobia was something I learned to live with for the majority of my life. I’d come across hypnotherapy as a treatment before (7 years ago, to be honest), but never…

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social media alters our body perception

Social media and body perception

I recently came across an editorial article that used the words “snapchat body dysmorphia” and right away I thought: yes! It strongly reminded me of the undeniable impact of…

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How it all began + my promise to you

I can’t believe it’s finally here: my first blog post on Primal Pioneers! Holy Moly, this project has been in the making for over two years! It all started on a trip with…

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