Eve’s story

My story starts on 4th of November 1983. I was born in a family dealing with a lot of pain. At that time both my mother and sister were battling with cancer. My sister died when I was 6 months old, my mother when I was 3. This childhood trauma got under my skin and remained unconscious for 20 years. In the meantime my father raised my brother and me the best he could. I remember my childhood as joyful and light, being a happy, social and ever-smiling child. I easily got through college and university and graduated with a master’s degree in criminology in 2005.

2008 became my year of ‘awareness’. My dad moved to Brazil, I got fired and had a car accident while driving to my new home. The earth started trembling underneath my feet. But it created the necessary ‘cracks’ for the light to shine in. A therapist asked me to tell her about my family. For the first time I was ready to emotionally face the loss of my loved ones. I was 24. And I started a journey of mourning, inner work and self discovery.

Around the world

I became aware of my emotions and learned how to deal with pain and grief. A colleague taught me about self-care and self-love: how to spoil yourself and how to be kind to yourself, especially when times are tough. It was also the period when I started travelling alone. It was anything but easy. Many times I felt scared, insecure and emotionally exhausted. Being by myself, I felt lonely and often not understood. Pain is rough. But I learned with time. Slowly I could feel life’s energy flowing through me again. This period brought me strength, wisdom, depth and sensitivity. I started to gain confidence in my path of life.

In 2012-2013 I travelled around the world for 1 year. What a journey! I thought I was already quite courageous, but this time I really learned how to become my own best friend on a much deeper level. It was intense, travelling alone as a young woman through South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Canada and the U.S. But I got a lot in return. I gained a deep sense of freedom, learned to put our ‘Western way of living’ into perspective and knew that I could rely on myself, no matter what. It took me years to digest all the impressions, but it was the best investment in myself. I met friends for life and it was also the first time that I visited Jelger and Tanja (my childhood friend) in Vancouver, BC.

Another big challenge of life

In 2015 my brother was diagnosed with leukemia. Another big challenge of life. In the meantime I had moved to Brussels and changed jobs again, not finding my place in the negative and destructive justice environment. He died 1 year later, in June 2016. We got along well in the past, but his disease drove us apart. Both of us had chosen a different way to deal with the trauma in our lives. He denied the grief and became harsh and very combative in his fight against racism. I softened, learned to face and treasure the emotions that were part of me, and to set boundaries. Two ways of dealing with the same situation. I felt judged for my choices many times. It took me 32 years before I was able to stand up and value myself.

I went through another intense mourning period that took all my time and energy. The first year was horrible. Every occasion was a reminder that he wasn’t there anymore. During that time I was looking for a deeper explanation of everything that happened in my life. I got in touch with Griet & Roel, a wonderful old-soul couple who run the Anam Cara Center in Belgium. They taught me about spirituality, shamanism, our place in the ‘bigger picture’ and initiated me in Reiki. Thanks to them I gained a profound understanding about life and I learned to heal and embrace my wounds on a deeper level.

What I learned

One year later I met my beloved men Serge. For the first time I was ready to open myself for real love. In 2018 I quit my job in the criminal justice department. Finally I felt able to break with society’s expectations, and proving myself to ‘fit in’. I chose for true freedom. And that’s how I started my 35th birth year on this beautiful planet.

When I look back at my story at this point, this is what I learned from it. We all carry emotional baggage in some kind of way. Every experience on our path is a chance to deepen and grow. Even if we don’t always understand it right away. We are capable of healing our own wounds if we choose to. Therefore practicing self-love and self-care is inevitable, together with meeting the right teachers on our path. Every choice we make is right for us, because it shows us where we are in that moment.

Every person is a unique and beautiful being who walks their own path and has their own contribution to life. In the end we are all living this human experience together, carried by a bigger thing called ‘life’ (or whatever you want to call it). The energy that brought us into this world, connects us all and treasures every living being.

Life is a magical journey. Don’t take it too seriously and don’t forget to have fun along the way. Just dare to be yourself and let your inner river flow. And please! Make mistakes. They are the best teachers you can have 🙂 See you on the path!



Eve is a world traveller who lives in Brussels, Belgium. She is passionate about Reiki and loves to write, dance, meditate in nature and hug guinea pigs.