Primal what?

Hi there! First of all I want to wish each one of you a fabulous 2019, filled with beautiful moments, big and small, in whatever form they appear. I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE new year beginnings. The feeling of a fresh start, a new year ahead to plan, dream, create, change and grow. What a gift! Yep, cultivating gratitude. That’s something I want to write about another time 🙂

For me, 2019 started with a big change and a big dream: a new job and launching Primal Pioneers! On the 2nd of January, I started working in the local health care center of Molenbeek, where I’m part of the reception and planning team. If you’ve ever heard of Molenbeek (1 of the 19 municipalities of the city of Brussels) I’m sure it’s only because of the terrorist attacks. Since then, its already fragile reputation has been damaged forever. But in this multicultural and densely populated community, a lot of good stuff is happening too! I’ll be happy to share some local positive stories now and then, experienced from behind my reception desk, where I greet part of the 5000 patients each day.

Discovering our true self

I changed jobs mainly because last year I was finally able to say goodbye to the ‘obvious’ but very unhealthy criminal justice environment. Up to that point, I’d been working as a criminologist and mediator, but more about that in a future post. Besides that, I also  wanted to consciously create more time for Primal Pioneers, a project that was already slumbering in our heads and hearts for 2 years, without being able to launch it. So I chose a part time job with a great schedule. It may not make me rich financially, but all the more in time and freedom. And right now, that’s priceless to me!

So what is this Primal Pioneer project all about? About exactly that: discovering our true (or primal :)) self and learning to live like it. About finding out who we are, independent of outside expectations, patterns we learned, family traditions or rules instructed by the society we live in. And by connecting more and more with our primal self, we find the power to stand up for ourselves, be aware of our beauty and uniqueness, and live more and more according to our deepest passions and dreams. A long way ahead! 🙂 That’s why at Primal Pioneers we want to create a platform of inspiration, tools and guidance on this path. But most of all we want to walk it together with as many people as possible. Going through the ups and the downs together, and learning from every experience and challenge we face in life.

Expanding this community

Both Tanja, Jelger and I made that choice to live more and more according to our primal self. We already faced a lot of challenges in life and also had to take some heavy decisions to be able to do so. Each of us in their own way. It’s damn tough to break with patterns and persons who are preventing us from growing and shining. But it’s not just about us. We’re starting the project, and we will share about our experiences in life, but we want to hear from you too! We want to learn from each other and above all, expand this community of conscious, self-caring and connected people. And with connected I mean: truly connected to our deepest self, and from there to others and to Life. Because we live in a time where there is still a lot of division and detachment. We rather see the differences in people than the similarities, and on a political level old energies of dominance and superiority are still reigning. So time to shake it all up and spread a different message than those ones of fear and distrust, right?

My personal dream

My personal dream? I want to bring more softness and positivity into the world. Not through a big revolution, but in very small things. By writing, by photographing, by giving reiki, by mentoring, by reuniting people and by practicing it in my own daily life. The latter is always the most difficult one 🙂 I remember I used to stand with my ‘FREE HUGS’ cardboard under the Christmas Tree on the Brussels ‘Grand Square’. A lot of people were so touched by this gesture, small in investment, but big in return! Sometimes I dream of similar heartwarming flash mobs, all over the world. Like dropping thousands of paper hearts on a marketplace or in an office building. Naive? Of course 🙂 But I don’t think any great changemaker would have made it without a little hunch of naiveté in their blood. It’s just a necessary ingredient in the cocktail shaker of realizing your dreams.

So, after all this being said, this is in fact just a big invitation to join us! By liking our pages, by reading our posts, by sharing your experiences, by bringing in your ideas and so much more. Because there’s no other way for Primal Pioneers to exist without expanding our tribe with like minded people. Hope to hear from you soon and let’s get that new year rolling!