3 ingredients for a healthy spirituality practice

Spirituality is a hot topic in our Western world. Even though it’s an incomprehensible concept for scientists, the past years more and more people have been reading, talking about and searching for spirituality. That dimension of life that cannot be grasped, defined or put in a box. That dimension that is so naturally integrated in many oriental philosophies. We want to know this dimension better, because many of us feel that there is something missing in our (at first sight) happy and perfect lives…

In this blog I’ll share 3 ingredients for a healthy spirituality practice that I discovered through my own search.

My definition of spirituality

If you would ask my definition of spirituality, I would say: “Spirituality is our deeper connection with and understanding about Life”. And by Life’ (or whatever you want to call it) I mean the fundamental energy that flows through all beings, connects us all and carries us through our human experience. Spirituality is an inherent part of us, not something outside of us or a new trend. It’s as natural as our arms or legs. Only we can’t see it with our eyes 🙂

For many old cultures and tribes spirituality was an obvious thing. Even in Europe and the US. But somehow through the evolution of our Western society we lost the natural understanding of it and became disconnected from the ‘bigger’ picture. Luckily nowadays interest is raising again to retrieve this lost part of our self.

My own search for spirituality

When I faced the trauma and challenges in my life, I was looking for a deeper explanation of everything that happened (read more about my story here). The ‘Why is this happening to me?’ question often pops up when things are getting tough. When we are confronted with ourselves and our deepest emotions. When we lose track. So we start looking for new answers and new understanding.

For 10 years I’ve been experimenting with different methods on the path of spirituality and self-awareness (read more about that in my blogpost ‘Turning within’). Little by little I started to understand that there is meaning behind everything. That every experience on my path was and is a chance to deepen and grow. That often the toughest parts are the most necessary ones to evolve as a human being.

And that all that is an integral part of life. It’s a natural flow, with ups and downs, clouds and sunshine, winter and spring. Every moment in that flow makes sense. Even if we don’t understand it right away 🙂

Practicing spirituality

There are many ways to practice spirituality. It’s a very personal path without ‘wrongs’. That’s why I don’t believe in one religion that defines spirituality for everyone and imposes rules to achieve it. But I do believe that some people find their deeper understanding of life through religion. Apart from that, nowadays thousands of books, teachers and trainings about spirituality (often inspired by oriental philosophies) are freely available to everyone. And that’s a good evolution.

So I’d say to everyone who’s in need of finding answers and who wants to learn about spirituality: just get out there, follow your intuition, experiment and get inspired! But keep these 3 ingredients in mind for a healthy spirituality practice:

3 ingredients for a healthy spirituality practice

  • Humor: The most important one! Everything that we learn or that we are taught should come with a certain amount of humor. Even when we’re going through hard times, our quest should also be light and sometimes funny. I think you can recognize a good teacher (among other things) by his sense of humor. And even though I found it very difficult in the beginning, I learn to laugh more and more with myself too 🙂
  • Criticism: It’s important to be critical in life, especially on the path of spirituality. When we are looking for answers, we often feel vulnerable and uncertain. And to obtain our answers, we are often prepared to spend a lot of time and money. I think we should dare to put any theory into perspective and always ask a lot of questions. On the other hand a good teacher should accept questioning and have a sufficient amount of self reflection. So, never feel ashamed to be critical. Every group needs its ‘pain in the ass’ 🙂
  • Self compassion: The most difficult one 🙂 It’s crazy how we can be gentle and caring to our best friends, but so hard and judgmental to ourselves. When practicing spirituality, we should let go of any expectations and just praise ourselves for our courage and quest. Self compassion is about embracing everything, inside and outside of ourselves, with the eyes of a loving mother. Even when we (or others) make mistakes. It’s not the same as allowing everything. It’s about unconditionally accepting everything that happens in our lives, even if we want to change the situation afterwards.

End thoughts

We quickly feel what suits us and what doesn’t. Therefore it’s good to try many different things. It’s never wrong! We’ll always learn from it. And the practices, books or teachers that brought us the most joy, growth and understanding may remain in our lives a little longer. Although we need teachers and support on our path, we should never forget that we have all our answers already in us. We are the only ones who can really define our own truth.

The path of spirituality is about retrieving a lost part of ourselves, which makes us more whole and complete. And which eventually will make our lives easier too. I’m curious to hear how you experience spirituality and what you did when you were looking for answers in your life. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

I wish you all a spiritual day,




Eve is a world traveller who lives in Brussels, Belgium. She is passionate about Reiki and loves to write, dance, meditate in nature and hug guinea pigs.